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Standards of Professional Practice for the Building Contractor 

· Contractors Exam

I was thinking about how to introduce to the construction industry. What can we use to build a better building contracting industry? Even though the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has expectations for Contractors to operate by, contractors should develop Standards that exceed the CSLB requirements. The following is a culmination of years of contracting watching contractors taking shortcuts and failing vs. contractors who strive to exceed client expectations, and staying in business for decades. Feel free to adopt these Standards of Professional Practice for the Building Contractor.

Standards of Professional Practice for the Building Contractor

The construction industry has evolved over the years to serve the needs of communities large and small, both residential, commercial, as well as industrial, and agriculture. The construction industry has survived new developments in construction technology, and challenges in the labor market. Through all of the changes and challenges there are certain fundamental standards of practice which should serve as guiding principles for all engaged in the construction industry, and especially contracting. We at ask all of our students to subscribe to our Standards of Professional to:

  1. At all times conduct all contracting activities with integrity, dignity, and professionalism, and encourage such conduct by others in the building industry.
  2. Act with competence and strive to continually maintain and improve our professional judgment through understanding and knowledge of our trade.
  3. Adhere to the principles of confidentiality and accuracy, of inquiries and replies in all exchanges of financial and credit information.
  4. Adhere to the principles of due diligence to client satisfaction as well as public safety.
  5. At all times adhere to contract terms and commitments.
  6. Never knowingly make false or misleading statements or withhold information vital to the client making an intelligent decision to enter into contract agreement.
  7. Hold our associates and subcontractors to the same level of professionalism.

Feel free to respond to these standards of practice.

Thanks you,

Dr. Brian Nelson, CEJD

MC3, PACT, NCCER, Outreach Trainer for OSHA